at the end of this month you won’t have to pay your electricity bill, but the lights won’t go out. Sure, it might not happen today – but it won’t be a crazy thought 4-5 years from now.

If you take a loan and install a solar-power system on your roof, the sun will pay from day one, more than half your bank repayment. In 4-5 years, the day will come when your electricity bill disappears and the Eskom price has more than doubled.
You come home at the end of that day, and instead of remembering to fill up the petrol tank tomorrow, you just plug-in your electric car to your solar system.


There are millions of electric vehicles on the world’s roads today. The Netherlands implemented a ban of all petrol and diesel vehicles sales by 2025.
China, US, Euro zone, India, Australia, Norway, Sweden … have plans in place to accommodate more than 1 Million Electric Vehicles on the road, by 2020.
More precisely: India- 100% by 2030, Japan- 50% of all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2020, China- more then 5 million by 2020, US- 1 million+ by 2015, Germany- 1 million+ by 2020 …
2020 will be 4-5 years from now.

1 kw/h Solar System 2 x 100w, 12v 1 x 1000w, 12v 1 x 20A, 20v 2 x 100 A/h, 12v
5 kw/h Solar System 9 x 120w, 12v 1 x 1500w, 12v 1 x 30A, 12v 9 x 100 A/h, 12v
10 kw/h Solar System 15 x 230w 1 x 3000w, 48v 2 x 60A, 48V 24 x 100 A/h, 48v
Business & industrial Solar Systems 200+ Kw Customized Solar systems